Untitled Novel

This is a story I am writing in my free time. It’s supposed fit in Mystery, Thriller, and Steampunk genere. The world is a dystopia, resembling Earth deprivated of resources.

After a massive explosion at the Particle Accelerator in Geneva, a hole in the ozone layer, spreading across the whole Europe, had been created. This led to an increase in global temperature with over 10 degrees Celsius, the creation of the Roman Desert, the death of many species of animals, an radical change in human mentality, and finally the evolution to shoot back. The remaining three cities of Europe: Rome, London, and Bucharest have survived by turning themselves into fortresses, and by engineering solar shields to protect the cities from deadly infra-red and ultraviolet radiations. The cities are interconnected via underground railways, but the most used route being the ‘Three Sharp Road,’ a surface tax-free route.

There are three main characters and a range of narrative lines which clash into one single one as these characters meet one another.

Word Count: 3004 so far.

Piece underneath: First page of the novel.

Prologue Unum

The Roman Desert is what remained after two thirds of the countries situated in vicinity to the Black Gap, turned to ash and dust at the end of the 21st century. It was so named because it brings, from various points of view, of the Roman Empire. And also because it buried Romania entirely. The geomorphology of these lands was changed at a quite fast rate, once the process of transformation had been started. They tried to do whatever was in their power to stop it from happening, but their efforts were in vain. Horrible events followed as the process began to reach its last phases. People moved away from the desert, away from their homes, leading to fatal consequences. 50% of the total inhabitants of both Europe and Western Asia died of either hunger or thirst. 10% were killed in their attempts of getting food or water. And even out of those who had been lucky enough to survive half got touched by a disease called “Lapsus,” meaning “Backwards”. They became what scientists call now “Spasi”. Mentally Retarded, but very aggressive people.

As for the rest, they build a huge fort on the top of the Carpathian Mountains, in a region called Brasov, where they were living a life.

It was a Monday when S.I.E. first discovered his hideout. The time was around 2 in the afternoon when the special team landed at the indicated co-ordinates. All the conditions were optimum for the soldiers, therefore they could operate at their full potential. The showed no clouds, and there was no wind either. The silence spread across the land was sinister, and it gave a feeling of hostility. It was the one and only self defence mechanism after all.

The captain instructed his men to proceed carefully. They finally got close enough and there was no place for a mistake in that situation. After they encircled a small, round pitch, one of the men started to dig in the centre of it until he finally revealed a wooden trap door. The captain move forward, and kicked the trapdoor open. Three anti-gravity pillars, have been placed around the aperture in the ground. After attaching steel ropes to the pillars fixed above the ground, all of the members of the team, one after another, climbed down into the aperture. The first few steps they had to take, were away from the light coming through the opened trap door, towards complete darkness, and towards an even more deadly silence.

“Marble,” thought the captain, “White Marble. Provenance, probably 20th century. I’ve been here before.”

-“This is one of the buildings that in the 21st century you could see from the moon” he did say silently towards the others, “and believe it or not, this is the 20th floor.”

They swallowed slowly, and looked at each other in a way which made them think that a mysterious creature will appear behind one or another, grab their plastic helmets with one hand while stabbing them in the gut with the other, and drag them in the shade. But they embraced like true men the fact that they might have climb down the rest of the floors, and confront whatever threat might be awaiting for them.

-“To hell with this cursed place. We just got here and it’s already driving me insane.” said Doakes with a tremor in his voice.

-“Need a pair Doakes?” said the captain mockingly, her clay face cracking a mean smile.

-“Screw you hahaha. Like you’ve never been scared before.”


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