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Important figures in Biology

Important figures of Biology in Printable Version. PDF File or ODT File Aristotle (384-347 B.C.) – The first genuine scientist. A Greek philosopher who stressed the importance of accurate and direct observation. He also initiated the basis for a scientific method of solving problems. His writings cover many subjects – physics, metaphysics, biology, zoology etc. Aristotle is also famous for tutoring Alexander… Continue reading Important figures in Biology

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The Effect of Energy Drinks on Mental and Physical Performance in Different Age Groups.

A lot of teenagers and young adults drink energy drink. How does that affect their body? Do they become more agile, think faster and run for longer periods of time? This is what this experiment investigates.

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Technology in medicine F.T.W. – Part One

Workers within the medical field have it very hard when it comes to implementing new technologies. Lisa Sanders explains in her book, “Every patient tells a story ,” what impact trying to implement diagnosis systems into hospitals could have on the doctors and nurses. 1. Firstly, if we were to think in terms of current technology, doctors, nurses or… Continue reading Technology in medicine F.T.W. – Part One