Meritocracy Volunteer – Blog of Meritocracy Party.


We’re on a mission to transform the world into a place that delivers Equal Opportunity for Every Child to thrive and develop to the greatest extent of their individual talent and ambition.

This is what the Meritocracy Party stands for.


We believe everyone has a fundamental human right to equal opportunities in life. When everyone has the freedom to advance as far as their talent, hard-work and determination will take them the world will be changed for the better. We will see the rise of the truly talented and altruistic people serving the needs of the many and not the incompetent, corrupt and selfish “leaders” we have today.

Growing up in Romania, I’ve learnt about corrupt and selfish “leaders” the hard way. Though I did not feel it myself, my parents were definitely driven to despair. If they wouldn’t pay the protection tax, taxes on land, electricity, and so on, would appear from thin air.


I have therefore volunteered  so I can help, as much as I can and I allow myself, with their cause.


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