Medicine – Marsaryk University

Histology Resources:

  1. MedAtlas -> Atlases from MASARYK UNI. Czech Rep.
  2. Embryology -> Text and Pictures
    My playlist on youtube:
  3. MedPics -> Pics with labels and short description
  4. Blue Histology -> Notes with pictures
  5. Shotgun Histology -> Youtube videos
  6. Amgen -> Bone Formation, Remodeling and Modeling.

Biophysics – Click to continue to biophysics notes.

Anatomy – Click to continue to anatomy notes

  • UPDATE 08/03/2016 Grey and White Matter

Biology – Click to continue to biology notes

  • UPDATE 19/03/2016 Notes on Chapters 14 to 17 in PDF format.

Latin – Click to continue to Latin notes.


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