Horror Game

My project from 2013, a 3D horror game. People say it’s a plagiate of Slender, which came out at about the same time, however I had worked on the game with a series of nice people long before the idea of Slender was in thought process.

The project reached a halt point as the scholar year began. It is 95% complete.

I had done the programming myself, the map design, story writing, and the mixing of all these elements in to a shake. I had also leant how to design 3D models.


Back Story :

You are playing the role of Hamilton, a poor doctor who had lost his wife and only child.On his way back home a terrible accident happened to him and he fell into a deep coma. The theory sustains that whilst in deep comas one may experience “God” or stuff like that.
Doctor Hamilton is to fight his way through this coma and finally make a decision. He has to confront dark souls ( patients of his who had died – he feels guilty for them therefore they appear as a source of evil in the game), his daughter (which does not appear in the game due to you know, lack of founds) and his own conciousness (the notes he finds along the way in the game).
Characters :

Dr. Hamilton
Evil Monsters – There are more types of monster but they all look the same.Dead people who our main character could save or evil parts of his soul. They often appear as dark-red flying souls.

Plot :

Your wake up in a wooden house.On a table there are ling a flashlight and a Journal.The Journal will be your permanent guide through the game, gradually telling you the story, and also helping you to asembly the puzzles in the game. At first you are shown(in the journal) that in order to open a mysterious portal you have to collect 4 pages. After collecting the pages, your journal will be updated and you will be able to find the answer to the first puzzle. The 2nd puzzle is than self-solved and after entering the portal you will be given a choice “To follow the girl” or “To get back to life”.

You can further follow the progress of the game since the beginning here: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/insomnia.187418/





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