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OPINION: What’s physiology and psychiatry

I believe that medicine may provide more time, and it may relieve some of the symptoms. Dr. Nawar, one of my good friends explained to me that medicine bring the people to a level at which they could be talked to.

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Brain Networks linked to human intelligence

“Our research suggests that it might be possible to work with these genes to modify intelligence, but that is only a theoretical possibility at the moment – we have just taken a first step along that road.” “Traits such as intelligence are governed by large groups of genes working together – like a football team… Continue reading Brain Networks linked to human intelligence

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Liver disease served as a base for predictions in medieval times

Apparently, after some excavations in Mesopotamia, inscriptions of predictions (models) were discovered. Based on how the liver of a ruler/king or a noble was shaped, predictions were made by priests. They would associate the shape of the liver to a pre-made model which was to foresee the future. Ancient divination In the course of Parrot’s… Continue reading Liver disease served as a base for predictions in medieval times

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Important figures in Biology

Important figures of Biology in Printable Version. PDF File or ODT File Aristotle (384-347 B.C.) – The first genuine scientist. A Greek philosopher who stressed the importance of accurate and direct observation. He also initiated the basis for a scientific method of solving problems. His writings cover many subjects – physics, metaphysics, biology, zoology etc. Aristotle is also famous for tutoring Alexander… Continue reading Important figures in Biology