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OPINION: What’s physiology and psychiatry

I believe that medicine may provide more time, and it may relieve some of the symptoms. My friend doctor, Nawar Kbibou, said that medicine bring the people to a level at which they could be talked to.

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Brain Networks linked to human intelligence

“Our research suggests that it might be possible to work with these genes to modify intelligence, but that is only a theoretical possibility at the moment – we have just taken a first step along that road.” “Traits such as intelligence are governed by large groups of genes working together – like a football team… Continue reading Brain Networks linked to human intelligence

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Liver disease served as a base for predictions in medieval times

Apparently, after some excavations in Mesopotamia, inscriptions of predictions (models) were discovered. Based on how the liver of a ruler/king or a noble was shaped, predictions were made by priests. They would associate the shape of the liver to a pre-made model which was to foresee the future. Ancient divination In the course of Parrot’s… Continue reading Liver disease served as a base for predictions in medieval times

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Important figures in Biology

Important figures of Biology in Printable Version. PDF File or ODT File Aristotle (384-347 B.C.) – The first genuine scientist. A Greek philosopher who stressed the importance of accurate and direct observation. He also initiated the basis for a scientific method of solving problems. His writings cover many subjects – physics, metaphysics, biology, zoology etc. Aristotle is also famous for tutoring Alexander… Continue reading Important figures in Biology