2.1 Tryglicerides 

  • Are made by the combination of three fatty acids ( organic molec. which contain the -COOH (carboxyl) group ) and one glycerol molecule. They join in a condensation reaction.
  • Are insoluble in water, but soluble in certain organic solvents. This is because of the long Carbon chains which are highly non-polar (hydrophobic).
  • Lipids that contain double bonds are called unsaturated fats, and they are oils (the more double bonds the more liquid). Lipids that do not have any double bonds are called saturated fats, and are solid.
  • Make excellent energy reserves (it’s said that they have a higher energy density), as they contain more Hydrogen atoms per mol than carbohydrates or proteins.
  • Fats are good insulators and give people buoyancy in water 😀
  • They are also a metabolic source of water.



2.2 Phospholipids

2.3 Practicals


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