Biological Molecules – AS Material

  • The study of biological molecules forms an important branch of biology  known as molecular biology.


  • The term macromolecule means giant molecule.

Saccharides or Carbohydrates are composed of only three elements: Hydrogen, Carbon and Oxygen. Chemical re-arrangements within carbohydrates provide organisms with a system used to give or store energy.

Some of the most important carbohydrates are:

  1. Glucose – energy source, monosaccharide
  2. Starch – energy store, polysaccharide, plants
  3. Glycogen – energy store, polysaccharide, animals
  4. Cellulose – cell wall, polysaccharide, plants
  5. Chitin – cell wall, polysaccharide, fungi


1.1.1 Monosaccharides

1.1.2 Disaccharides

1.1.3 Polysaccharides

1.1.4 Practicals


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