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AS/A2 CIE Tips

I am writing these notes in digital format as a method of revising for the courses I am taking – AS/A2 Chemistry, AS/A2 Biology and AS Physics. *UPDATE* After time, I also understood that in order to get As extra work is required – I have added a few things worth reading here and there. Feel free to browse through the notes. They may include questions form past papers, for which I could not find any answers in the CIE Books.

The notes are made with regard to the 2014 (AS) and 2015 (A2) Syllabuses.

 Table of contents containing Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and additional websites.

Biology Notes

1.1 Carbohydrates

1.1.1 Monosaccharides
1.1.2 Disaccharides
1.1.3 Polysaccharides
1.1.4 Practicals

1.2 Lipids

1.2.1 Tryglicerides
1.2.2 Phospholipids

1.3 Proteins

1.3.1 Amino acids and peptide bonds
1.3.2 Structure
1.3.3 Haemoglobin

Download Biology Notes on Biological Molecules for AS level

16. Energy and Respiration

16.1 ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)

16.1.1 Roles of ATP
16.1.2 Synthesis of ATP

16.2 Aerobic Respiration

16.3 Anaerobic Respiration

16.4 Respiratory Substrate and Respiratory Quotient

Additional notes on Energy and Respiration

17. Photosynthesis


*Extra reading for C.I.E. Exams*

The importance of Biodiversity

Biodiversity under threat

Human Activities and how they affect the ecosystem

Chemistry Notes

1. Introduction to Organic Chemistry

9. Reaction Kinetics (.doc file)

9.1 Ideal Gases (.odt file)

10. Periodicity

11. Groups II and VI

13.1 Reactions of Organic Molecules

13.1.1 KMnO4 (Potassium Permanganate) Reactions
13.1.2 K2Cr2O7 (Potassium Dichromate) Reactions

13.2.1 Alkenes
13.2.2 Halogenoalkenes
13.2.3 Alcohols
13.2.4 Carboxyl Compounds
13.3.1 Arenes
13.3.2 Acyl Chlorides
13.3.3 Amines and Amides (Along with Proteins)

20. Buffer Solutions: Sodium Carbonate titrated with HCl

Physics Notes

1. Momentum
2. Matter
3. Deforming Solids
4. Electric fields
5. Electric Current
6. Practical Circuits
7. Waves
8. Superposition of Waves
9. Standing Waves
10. Practicals and Tips on Practicals

10.1. Errors and Limitations in different Practicals

Extra: Past Papers

MCQ 9702/12/O/N/10 – Includes the following: Uncertainties, Uniform Acceleration, Deforming Solids, Superposition of Waves
MCQ 9702/11/O/N/10 – Includes the following: Dynamic Motion

Other Resources
Chemistry Notes, Explanations, and Exercises –
AS/A2 Mathematics – – Videos
Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics Revision Notes and Past Papers –


If there is something you’d like to know about in Chemistry, Biology or Physics (Only AS), or if you would like to contribute please use the form underneath. The website is work in progress. Also If you would like to contribute with your notes or ask question please check the About Me page.


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