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The New World Order – Preparing for what ought to come

At the end of 2012 people all across the world went mad about the mayan calendar and how the world will come to an end. As I know, and as you know, this wasn’t the first time “humans” have out-lived their end. Leave the fairy tales about the mayan calendar behind, we get a much clearer image, that being of how the world is entering a new era. 



Starting with 1950s the % of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) has been increasing very fast. It has been increasing so fast that we are now, at the threshold of year 2014, breathing in way more CO2 than your grandmother was breathing when she was a teen. We are not directly influenced though. We, living things, adapt to the environment. However, the environment does not adapt to us.

CO2 is only the problem of another problem though, that is: we are burning too much fossil fuel, emptying out all the natural resources of our planet.

“Oh but we already know that,” you would say, “is there anything new?” Yes there is. Humans are all the same. Take the example of one student which states “The best inspiration is the due date.” Exactly the same thing happens in our situation. We are constrained to look for a solution.

We ought to start caring more and more about what we do and how we destroy the environment. It is not the knowledge that is new, but the feeling of guilt and the instinct of survival.



CO2 along with Methane (CH4), and other gases (CO2 and CH4 are the most common), are part of a group of gases called Greenhouse gases. Those lay in between the layers of the atmosphere  as a blanket. They block the infra-red rads. and ultraviolet rads. from escaping the surface of the Earth causing it to heat up, thus the comparison with a blanket.

In the summer of 2013, a crew of  cameramen went to Greenland to chase for the biggest iceberg (or rather island) ever to break loose. After more than a week of waiting, the crew started to see a crack, which in less than 10 minutes separated 7.2 km cubes of solid ice. “It’s like Manhattan breaking apart in front of your eyes,” said Jeff Orlowski. Everything is recorded, and can be viewed for free. The name of the film is “Chasing Ice.”

These 10 minutes will raise problems like never before.


  The water level of the oceans has raised during the past century with 10 to 20 centimetres. However the annual rate of rise this year has been 3.2 milimeters, roughly twice as much as 80 years ago.

The consequences are unbelievable. Most probably in a few years from now, we will see Venice, Italy, covered with waters; The coasts in Australia (70% of the inhabitants live on the coast) will as well be covered with water.

While Venice is being covered by the merciless waters of the Adriatic Sea, people, animals, and plants in warmer countries are encountering draught and starvation. Their homes are claimed by the nature, turning them to desert.

Many species of animals will go extinct, since their habitat is melting away. Some documentaries from 2 years ago show that polar bears are struggling for a living.


They have to put two times as much effort as 10-20 years ago to swim from one platform of ice to another.

The result of these changes is catastrophic. Our planet will have remained only two climates in the end: one which is similar to the Equatorial Climate, and one which is similar the climate in Desert Sahara.

Some scientist promised us 100 more years before the ecosystem of this poor planet will collapse. This if we continue at the rate we are going now.



Campaigns have been started all around the world: Green Peace, Save Earth etc. but most of them have been considered insane for acting they way they did: Picking up trash, risking their lives for a few metres squared of vegetation, protesting etc. and they’ve been excluded from the community.

Nowadays ,though , people, having their villages covered in trash, and breathing in only chemicals, start to realise that their reasoning when they turned their back to the campaigns meant to save their environment was not that good. They start their own campaigns to save their own cities. They try then to give a helping hand to other cities in order for those cities not to reach a critical state,  and get surprised when they find out that they are being called insane for the people they’re trying to help “do not need help!”

I suspect that you have your own conclusion about humans after reading the paragraphs above. I also suspect that your conclusion is wrong.

Humans must neither try to make others do something, nor give up trying to save them for the solution is: Have them understand. Have them watch that piece of garbage they’re throwing on the ground. As it falls. As it is taken away by a breeze of wind.




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