UKCAT – For Medicine Undergraduates

UKCAT, Or UK Clinical Aptitude Test is a test which is required of you to take by 26 universities in U.K. “UKCAT is committed to achieving greater fairness in selection to medicine and dentistry and to the widening participation in medical and dental training of under-represented social groups.


Let’s suppose we already know what university we want to apply for, and that we also know that this uni. is one of the 26 that require of you UKCAT. It’s time we start preparing for the upcoming exam ( dates ) and we have to get the material.

Over the summer I had the chance to go through two books with practice questions and mock exams. They were great, and offered a lot of help, but I had bought them in the wrong order.

  • The first book you should get is the “Expert Guide from Kaplan” which you can buy by a click here . It includes a lot of useful tips and tricks and questions to help you consolidate them. It also has a Diagnosis Test (which you take at the beginning of the book) and a Mock Exam (which you take at the end of the book – so you can determine how much your score improved).  This books may give you all the information you need, therefore read carefully through the tips and suggestions. From this book I found about how you can prepare for the Situational Judgement section.
  • After having finished the first book, you can say that you got into the exam fever. However, the students who score the highest spend around 20 – 21 hours practising for the exam (according to a study – How should I prepare, point 5) therefore you will need to practice some more. The second book is “Get into Medical School” which you can buy by a click here . The book is from 2013 and does not include the Situational Judgement section, however it includes the harder questions from 2013 and more in-depth explanations for each question.
  • Having gone through the 2nd book you should start working on the tests that are available online on the UKCAT website . By the way, the downloadable official guide also contains a series of question and information about the UKCAT. You should get that one too.


If you think you’re finished with practising, my suggestion is that you take a break for one day and go relax. After you’re done relaxing, the day after select take the material you practised aside, and select the Abstract Reasoning questions, and Situational Judgement question. Go over these two or three times so you make sure you visualize the patterns in Abstract Reasoning, and understand Situational Judgement.



 There is a useful page on the forums where you can find what each university looks for in candidates when it comes to the UKCAT scoring. Furthermore, you can also find, underneath the table, a broad list of useful website that will help you prepare for the exam.

Good luck to y’all.


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