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Trans – human: A Debate

He who preaches against technology is delusional.

This article links to meritocracyparty.org . To read it fully, click on the link.

The article “Post-Humanity: Transhumanism, Libertarianism, and the End of History—Part II” is persuasive about how technology must be accepted by the society in order for it to grow, evolve. The article looks over a few topics such as what means to be a transhumanist, what people think about technology and how this evidentiates human hypocrisy, and finally how technological evolution influences socio-economic architecture across the globe.

“No person shall place in a woman … an embryo other than a permitted embryo.
An embryo is a permitted embryo if … no nuclear or mitochondrial DNA of any cell of the embryo has been altered.”—Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008


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