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Edge of Tomorrow

The movie ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ (Probably know as Tom Cruise playing in a sci-fi movie) reached far beyond my expectations, and actually impressed me deeply. So deeply it game me an idea for making a 3D game and finishing my little novel. #Noplagiarism.

The idea of being stuck in a time prison (may I call it that?), from which there is no apparent escape is brilliant. I have always been impressed with this kind of stories, and rated them highest. Tom Cruise is playing the role of a major in the U.S. army, named Cage. He is apparently a coward and tries to escape an upcoming decisive battle, against an unknown enemy (to the public), but unfortunately fate plays him so that he ends up a private, under the command of a s**mbag of a sargeant.

I am happy I paid the money to go watch this movie, mainly because the film actually shows the reflection of the technology I’m sure we’ll have in the future (if not now). So, this sargeant takes Mr. Cage to the ‘J team’ so that they will train him appropriately with the exoskeleton he has to wear into what they describe later as a ‘Carnage’ or ‘Massacre’.

What I hate about great movies, is that they don’t have a continuation (or rather a deeper development).


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