Mysteries within the Carpathian Mountain

Part I   THE MEANING BEHIND THE CARPATHIAN SPHINX The Altar of the First Spiritual Man ‘The Mystery of the Carpathian Sphinx’ comes to portray the spiritual journey of the filmmaker Oana and Dr. Robert Schoch who are deeply moved and transformed by the discoveries they make around the Carpathian Sphinx, acknowledging the vital importance of Mother Nature and reverence for the Universe. The Carpathian Sphinx points to a very old sacred world that we are just now beginning to unfold: the world of the First Spiritual Man, the misunderstood and little known man we most commonly refer to as the Neanderthal. Neanderthal was much different than media and traditional science textbooks have portrayed him, and the documentary shows Neanderthal in a new, unexpected light, one that might completely shock you. Part II


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