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Is science evil?

“Is science evil?” is a question that was very popular 400 years ago. At that time, the way you would have answered to it might have put you in good terms with the pope or it might have had you burnt alive. Many researchers had to abandon their work and hide behind the “Yes” answer just to continue living ( E.g. Galileo Galilei).

Things have changed since then though, and the once so mighty church (I’m not willing to defy the church) is now indifferent about whether science is evil or not. They might have thought at some point, that men have to decide that for themselves therefore now it’s up to us to get to a conclusion.

A few weeks ago I had an argument with my friend exactly on this theme. I was always exposing the good parts of science, and he was always exposing the bad parts. He began at first saying :

Science is bad. Evil. If it weren’t for science we wouldn’t have had so much mass destruction.

I have to agree with that as long as it refers to the atomic bombs, intelligent rockets and fighting drones. But none the less we had mass destruction long before science existed ( e.g. The crusades of the Christians against the Pagans).

Science, for me, is not bad. I believe that it’s beautiful. It’s the understanding of nature. The way it is used though may be evil or good though, therefore it’s the individuals that are at fault.

Thoughts on today’s science

What’s done today with science I believe that it is not wrong, and not evil at all. But science has gained so much territory in contrast to how fast people learn it that it gave birth to a line that separates men into two categories. Those willing to increase the pace at which they learn about the nature of things and participate actively, and those willing stagnate and let the nature of things flow around them.

As an example we could take Google Glass or iOptik Lenses. The ones the are a part of category nr.1 will become interested in how it works, how it can be improved, and last but not least is it useful? The ones that are a part of category nr.2 will simply buy the lenses, amazed by the newly introduced term “Augmented Reality,” and wear them for it is what people wear today.

Enjoy a video of iOptik ver: 2.1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_sdoaemQ-k


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